Whether it’s true or not, attorneys seem busier than most other professionals. It seems they are either busy with meetings (Zoom, in person, and on the phone), attending court, legal research, and writing, or networking. They hardly get any time away from work. Their friends and families say that they barely get to spend time with them.

Because of their hectic work schedule, it is difficult for Attorneys to maintain a good work-life balance.  Most attorneys I know feel their pressured life is normal.  They do not unplug.  They do not have a good work/life balance.  There are signs that your work and life are not balanced. Here are a few:

  • You are not sure about your Goals Anymore?
  • You don’t have time for Selfcare (exercise, meditation, etc.)
  • Every moment all you think about is work.
  • You are always stressed.
  • You’re not able to sleep 6 to 8 hours soundly?
  • You have not taken a real vacation for more than 6 months.

Work is or can be an integral part of your life, but don’t make it your reason for living.

If you feel your life may be out of balance, the following are 10 ways you can unplug from work.  If you follow these 10 steps you will start to unplug.

  1. Write Down Your Vision – Take a pen and paper and write down what is work/life balance for you. Create a vision of how your life looks once you have balanced your work and life.  
  2. Create Gour goals From Your Vision – Take time to write down the goals you want to implement in your life that will create the work/life balance you desire.  Create a plan for implementing your goals.  
  3. Let Go Of Perfectionism – Most lawyers are perfectionists.  Don’t run after perfectionism. Release that need to be perfect.  You can save a lot of time by getting things done rather than trying to make them perfect.  
  4. Stop Tying Your Self-Worth To How Successful You Are At Work  Having a successful career is wonderful, but that cannot be the sole reason behind your feelings of worth. If your self-worth is tied to your work there will come a time when your work is wrong, is not perfect, or your work life is over.  What is your worth based on then? 
  5. Unplug Every Day For 2 Hours – Every day before the end of your day, unplug yourself from everything electronic and spend time with your family, relax, read books, or listen to music. This is a great way to end your hectic day and prepare for sleep.
  6. Get Sufficient Sleep – Sleeping for 6-8 hours is important.  A good night’s sleep leaves you fresh to start the next day more productive and energetic.
  7. Exercise Regularly – As an attorney, most of the days you spend are stressful.  Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and make you feel more energetic and active.
  8. Meditate Daily – Mindfulness is important. When you are mindful, you think better and faster. Each day meditate for at least 10 minutes to reconnect with yourself.
  9. Eliminate Time-Wasting Activities – Find out some of the activities you do that are not required and eliminate them.  If you do, you will have more time for more important issues.
  10. Unplug Step By Step – Do one thing at a time to implement your ideal work/life balance. Find out one thing that you can implement and practice it for a few weeks or a month, then implement another.  Take small baby steps to implement your goals and your vision of an ideal work/life balance.  

It’s easy to get caught up in a hectic schedule while practicing the law.  Just remember all areas of life, including our time with family, are important to create a full life, a meaningful life.  When we learn to unplug from work every day, we will have started to find our work/life balance.