This morning at about 6, I was preparing to go outside to feed the feral cat I call Handsome. I saw there were three good sized raccoons outside eating cat food. They are so funny to look at while they play outside. I watched for a bit before I headed out with my food for Handsome. 

Two raccoons ran away. One went to the end of the house and watched while I fed Handsome and put out the birdseed for later friends once the sun rises. The raccoon was close. Being mildly concerned, I headed back toward the house.  Obviously, some human interacts with this raccoon. 

The raccoon followed me to the house and stood just on the other side of the screened door from where I was standing looking. We watched one another and found a moment of Stillness. Stillness is that moment that makes me know there is some power out there other and more powerful than we humans. For me, it is God.   

What does this have to do with stress and attorneys? Well, I lived through many stressful holidays filled with work. I remember this time of the year being particularly stressful. There were so many deadlines. I never got a moment of Stillness. 

The stillness was missing from my life at that time. I lived a life of stress, deadlines, and pressure. If that’s all you have, it’s not enough. What’s enough for you? I don’t know, but I bet it should involve some type of Stillness. The Stillness of a late night or early morning. The Stillness that belongs specifically to you. Find a moment of Stillness to Reconnect with Yourself every day.

Step out of the daily stress and find your stillness. Let me know if I can help.