To live in the world is to have stress.

We take vitamins, meditate, and adopt relaxation exercises and techniques are among the many ways we try to decrease stress. There are thousands of products produced worldwide to reduce stress.

Unlike a lot of professions, the attorneys interact with clients who are extremely stressed. Many of these clients who approach an attorney are because they have a conflict with the opponent, and on the other hand, the attorney handling the opponent also has a stressful client.

Because there are multiple clients daily, the attorneys are exposed to a lot of stress from various sources.  Even the attorneys who assume that they handle conflict and stress very well still carries a lot of stress at home.

Nothing I’ve talked about takes into account the deadlines and pressures that come with each client’s case. You can see why it’s easy for attorneys subject to extreme stress to sink into depression or alcoholism.

I work with attorneys who are extremely stressed. Attorneys come to me when they feel they can no longer deal with the stress of their lives and continue practicing law.

After we assess their currently foreseeable situation fully, we start into what I call the Opportunities phase of my process.

In this phase, we start to dream and visualize things that decrease what has become constant or chronic stress. Everything is on the table during this phase of the process. My clients talk about anything that reduces their stress, brings them happiness, and brings joy.

You too, can use this process to start to identify those things that you want to introduce into your life that will decrease your stress. You will get to identify and know what you want and need to reduce the constant stress from your life.

Once you have identified the stress relievers, you can take steps to implement these stress relievers into your daily life.

Finally, you can evaluate whether these stress relievers have helped you decrease your stress in your day to day life. If not, it’s time to revisit the Opportunities phase of my process until you find the stress relievers that work for you.

Try incorporating stress relievers into your daily routine to alleviate some of the constant stress you are exposed to. If you find you need help incorporating stress relievers into your daily life, book a call with me.