It seemed like a dark rainy night, but it wasn’t. It was a hot bright Thursday morning, August 13th, my deceased father’s birthday, and I was traveling to work on Interstate 10 (I-10).

Up to that morning, I had danced at various times of night throughout the different floors of the oil company’s buildings while working nights and weekends during my 31+ year tenure. Late at night in a big, almost empty high-rise building, it’s easy to feel how special it is to work for such an enormous company. That’s how I felt for so many years. My closest friend used to regularly marvel at how much joy my job gave me.

I had been a golden girl. I fought for women’s equality in the early years. I was the first woman in law promoted to my grade level in the late 80s. I was part of the generation of professional working women that flowed into the employment ranks in the 70s. This job was my dream, my life.

Driving into downtown Houston from the Westside, there’s a Smith’s Street exit on the curve of I-10. That Thursday morning, I remember that moment very well. I remember staring at the concrete wall, which sparkled brightly in the sun. And there was this thought, What if management considers someone younger, less expensive, with less baggage, who is bright and is trainable?

It became the truth there was this someone, management considered him and said Goodbye to me. I was informed to leave just like that. They sorted my stuffs and shipped my personal belongings, and kept all my official belongings with them as they believed it belonged to them. All that was happening seemed like a bad dream, but It happened.

Being pushed out of a job happens to a lot of people.  Has it happened to you?

Today I handle what life brings to my door. The story that I wrote above is an accurate recount of my past. It is just that. It is the past. It cannot and does not define me or make a statement as to who I am. The story is just a story in my lifelike there other stories in my life.   

All the years while I was working, it was like I kept moving without knowing or thinking anything. But now I very well know, Where am I now? that is the most important thing a person should know.  I am completely responsible for creating magic in my life. I brought the ray of sunshine into my life. I make how I view, how I act, and how I see the world. I create my own story now.   

I can help you move forward with your life if you are stuck in the midst of a transition from one story in your life to another.

Let’s build a new story. Let’s bring a ray of sunshine into your life.