Are You Feeling

Stuck and not sure why and how to get unstuck?

This is not how you have planned your life?

Everything is going wrong?

Always stressed, irritated, angry, and low energy?

Not enjoying anything you do?

That you are just dragging yourself every day?

Its time to rebuild your life

Are you a priority for yourself!

Stop living a default life and settle for a life that you don’t want to. You deserve to find your true self and live a meaningful and purposeful life.

I Have Been There….

Hi, I am Tana Daughtrey, I am a Work-Life Balance Coach. I help busy professionals Craft a Well-Balanced Life by Reducing Stress & Overwhelm and Live a Happy & Fulfilled Life

A former corporate ladder climber, I have worked for 38 years in Fortune 100 multi-national company. I have seen success early in my career and everything seemed perfect but suddenly I experienced a Meltdown and I collapsed.

I have experienced everything…not wanting to wake up in the morning, not finding myself worthy, self-doubting myself, feeling like giving up my life, getting divorced, being hospitalized, and getting replaced from my position…. I have seen everything

 From there I have turned around and transformed my life. I realized the biggest mistake I have made is not making myself a priority. I was living a successful life but my life was completely unbalanced.

Now I coach busy working professionals and entrepreneurs to live a fulfilled and balanced life without settling for a default life.

Want to Breakthrough and Live a Fulfilled Life in 12 months?

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  • You Deserve to Live a Life That You Desire.
  • You are super motivated every day.
  • You are a performer.
  • You are healthy.
  • You spend sufficient time with yourself.
  • Your relationships are well-balanced.
  • You are happy