Attorneys who are consistently telling themselves, just one more hour to get this done, one more evening, one more weekend, I will just do this, complete this, and are NOT facing the realities of their career. I know you know what I mean. Give up everything else for the job and success you are trying so hard to achieve.

Maybe you are not intentionally trying to give up everything else in your life, but if you are being completely honest with yourself, are you doing this? Is everything else sacrificed?

Look, here’s the thing.

It won’t change.

It won’t get better.

There will always be the next thing and the next thing. That’s how the legal profession works for lawyers in firms or corporations or maybe building your own business.

Pushing it down, working harder, and ignoring what is really going on in your work and career that isn’t allowing you to take care of yourself and other areas of your life, is a slippery slope. I should know; I have been there. Oh, I thought I was invincible too; until I found out the hard way, I wasn’t. Over a period of time, I lost my marriage, my self-confidence, and my health. It all came crashing down.

Let me ask you

Is anything I am saying here resonates with you? If the answer is yes, I want to warn you that you are on a dangerous path.

Your body, your mind, your health, your relationships are not meant for you to ignore.

If you really think long and hard about it (and if you are really honest with yourself), how long have you been dealing with the stress of the job? How long have you been allowing the job to take over other parts of your life? How long have you been ignoring other areas of your life?

Do you believe this will all just go away and get better on its own?

I get it! I think back to the first big promotion I worked so hard to achieve. I poured years into it!! I told myself things would get better when I get the promotion. And then it happened. I was the first woman in law to get promoted in the fortune 100 company I worked for.

BUT guess what? It didn’t get better. Truthfully, it only got worse.

I pushed, and I pushed, and I ignored the signs and the stress until suddenly, I was physically stopped cold in my tracks.

If I had just known how to do things differently to balance it all without having to give up my success and results in my career, it would have been so different. But I didn’t know-how. In fact, it would have changed everything. However, I waited until it was too late, and things were too far gone.


It’s no wonder attorneys have the drug and alcohol problems they have. Everything they do every minute in their career comes with stress. They must find ways to cope, even if those ways are harmful, right? Here’s the thing, though it doesn’t have to be this way!

What you need is to be able to have success and fulfillment in all areas of your life.
Imagine what it would like if everything could thrive? Can you picture it? You have an adoring and happy family and spouse, fun in your life, time to spend with great friends, feeling years younger, healthy finances, etc.? Just imagine if you could be excited about your life, work, and success in all areas?

Well, you can! You can change what isn’t working and begin taking the steps needed to get off the hamster wheel you are on.

So, I am going to say it as plain as I can that if you see yourself in what I have written, you need help. I want you to know, you don’t have to do it alone. But you do have to want to change what you are doing to get something better. You do have to want to make a change. And, it does not have to be at the cost of your results and success. If you are ready, let’s talk about my services to help you change your life!